• My name is WILL and I'm a Business Partner of UTOPIA. I'm also the Sexton at a local nonprofit. I have a M.A. degree in Culinary Arts (Culinary Institute of America) and a B.S. degree in Business Science (Southeastern College).

  • My name is KHARY. I am a NJ Insurance Agent and a Social Media Specialist. I'm proficient with my administrative and business duties. I achieved an A.S. degree in Liberal Studies (Union County College). 

We believe it is crucial to continually learn from and help each other's growth. 



. . . through real-life experiences & expertise.


 . . . for self-sufficiency and growth.



We developed It's ReNEWed in 2015, to offer life-enhancing resources. With our staff and solutions, our clients and colleagues can experience personal and professional gain. So, who are we?

  • My name is PAM aka PDSMITH007: The A.G.E.N.T! I am a Marketing Pro, a Realtor, an Insurance Agent, and a Notary for NJ. In addition, I'm the Executive Director for a local nonprofit. My B.A. degree is in Fine Arts (Kean University); and my M.A. degree is in Adult Education (University of Phoenix). 



. . . and leveraging each other as resources

It's ReNEWed is offers key assurances to calm clients' thinking about the future.

Assurance [as-sur-ance](noun): "Confidence of mind or manner; Easy freedom from self-doubt or uncertainty."

We consult with clients to carefully assess needs and identify opportunities. Our expertise is in protection, positive change, and property.

We educate our clients about wellness, wealth, and what-ifs


Let us help you navigate through life. 

We connect the dots between your needs and valued resources. 


. . . and embracing differences with sincerity.

As our potential client or colleague, you have these options:

​​With our other websites, you can . . . 

We look forward to meeting, conversing, and working with you.