We look forward to meeting, conversing, and working with you.


. . . and embracing differences with sincerity.

LEARNinG . . . 

. . . through real-life experiences & expertise.


 . . . for self-sufficiency and growth.


It's ReNEWed is an educational organization that focuses on your life renewal.

Wmentor and consult individuals, groups, and organizations, to understand their specific needs and life experiences. We also help develop and revitalize life connections with them as clients and colleagues.



What we do  for  you

As a prospective client or colleague, you have options: (1) Sign up for our group coaching club; (2) Engage with our financial educator; or (3) Join our business team. We'll help you work through life's challenges. 

As a non-profit or organization, we can consult with you about low-to-no cost marketing solutions that create new awareness about goods or services. 

In essence, we connect the dots between the people with needs and the people with the resources. We have other websites that offer you opportunities . . .

Partnership . . . 

. . . and leveraging each other as resources



It's ReNEWed was founded in 2015 by the leaders of UTOPIA: BiOcentric Cafe, Pamela Robinson Smith and Will Robinson, because they want to offer life-enhancing resources to eager people without judgement about their color, religious beliefs, age, sex, or socio-economic status. Clients, colleagues, and contributors can experience mental, physical, and spiritual growth with staff and tools of It's ReNEWed.

  • PAMELA is an artist, an educator, an evangelist, a financial representative, a marketing pro, and a spiritual coach. She has ​a B.A. degree in Fine Arts/Design from ​Kean University; and a M.A. degree in Adult Education from the University of Phoenix. She has certifications for theology, ministry, and coaching, plus licensing ​for real estate and insurance sales. 

  • Executive Chef WILL has over 25 years experience in the culinary industry and can cater to the specific needs of most cultures and celebrations. Chef Will has a M.A. degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of America and a B.S. degree in Business Science from Southeastern College. He is also a
    ​certified ServSafe instructor, a traveling consultant chef, and a life coach.

Pam and Will believe it is crucial to continually learn from and help each other's growth.