​Lower Expenses and Workplace Wellness gives ASSURANCE  4 BUSINESSES!

As an Assurance of Life A.G.E.N.T.,* I provide my clients access to diverse services. Through Aflac, I confer with employers to discuss the assurance of workplace wellness for them and their employees. My valuable solutions help to address life's unexpected situations, such as, an accident, illness, or disability. Specifically, voluntary benefits help fill in the day-to-day gaps excluded from benefit packages, plus I offer other, value-added services. Retention of employees and increased utilization of major medical coverage concerns most employers. What about YOU? 

I meet with most business owners to assess their specific challenges. Then, I determine if our strategies can create fitting solutions, like, increasing employee loyalty while lowering medical costs. ​Our strategies aren't necessarily another expense to business owners. I independently represent Aflac for NJ businesses, so to get my help simply  contact me.

Live EmPOWERed!     

Pamela D. Smith      

(aka PDSMITH007)      

*My definition for "A.G.E.N.T." is A (Advisor for clients), G (GOD-fearing entrepreneur), E (Edgy evangelist), N (Nurturing coach), and T (Teacher of wellness, wealth & what-ifs).


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​P.S. Enjoy this video from the Aflac YouTube channel!NOTE: It's ReNEWed by UTOPIA is a service that operates independently from the AFLAC. 




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