As an Assurance of Life A.G.E.N.T.,* I provide my clients access to robust, real estate services. Through Weichert, I'm licensed and trained to assess and assist the property needs and concerns of residential and commercial clients. You also gain access to my team of experts, who help us navigate through the real estate process. Where should you start? With me, you have options:

I'm here to help you stress less about buying, leasing, renting, or selling property. I independently represent one of the largest real estate companies in New Jersey, Weichert Realtors.

Mrs. Pamela D.R. Smith

Cell: 973-951-3760

Email: psmith3@weichert.com

Weichert Address:

791 Passaic Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07013

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*My definition for "A.G.E.N.T." is A (Advisor for clients), G (GOD-fearing entrepreneur), E (Edgy evangelist), N (Nurturing coach), and T (Teacher of wellness, wealth & what-ifs).

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