RISING ROOKIES Book Circle  || Learn something new and enjoy constructive discussions with friends. 
Your immediate takeaways: + Read beneficial, self-help books | + Share/receive diverse perspectives and new ideas

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A book circle or club is comfortable, judgment-free way for adults to read and express their thoughts with peers. Open communications is the key to a successful book circle. 

  • Week 1: Review book choices > Select 1 book > Set reading goal (online)
  • Week 2: Read 1/3 way to reading goal > Share ideas (online)
  • Week 3: Read 2/3 way to reading goal > Share ideas (online)
  • Week 4: Finish reading goal > Share ideas (in-person|4th Saturdays)

Each month, Coach Pam guides you through a fun and nurturing experience that offers an opportunity to encourage and empower one another. We read non-fictional books to teach and inspire us about good life.  Light refreshments are
​available at our in-person sessions.

Necessary Resources:  Books, computer (or mobile device), and internet access

Wish LOVE Well (WLW) is a club that offers opportunities for coaching and networking with fun group activities. When members join us, membership includes spiritual, mental, and physical workouts. 

Being a member, you have a chance to grow productive relationships; develop a well-balanced outlook on life; and enjoy the guidance from our team leaders. We proudly serve members in the NJ Metro area.

Our mission is to achieve meaningful, balanced fulfillment with teamwork.

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  • (Subject)  1-, 2-, or 3-Star Membership  
  • (Message) "I  Want the Spiritual, Mental,
    Physical Workout!" Plus, any additional feedback. 

We'll contact you within 24 to 48 hours. Our response will include instructions, potential dates/times, and an invoice. We Truly Appreciate Your Interest!

Live EmPOWERed!

Mrs.Pamela Robinson Smith

​​​"Color Me Happy" Parties || Tap into your inner, creative soul without pressure. 

Your immediate takeaways: + Relaxed, Inspired, and free mindset | + Festive social interaction

~ + ~

Our coloring books are especially made for you, because they contain carefully chosen ideas and imagery as inspiration. Since there are 12 beautiful pages, the parties can occur four times either weekly or every other week. Here's how we do it . . .

  • Week 1: Meet host and friendsColor first 3 pages  > Share works of art (in-person)
  • Week 2: Color next 3 pages > Log into our group siteShare art and ideas (online)
  • Week 3: Color next 3 pages > Log into our group site > Share art and ideas (online)
  • Week 4Regroup with everyone > Color last 3 pages  > Share works of art (in-person)

We provide your coloring book and color pencils during the first session. Light refreshments are available at our in-person sessions. If you'd like to use markers, feel free to bring them with you.

​​OPTION3) Physical Workout - This workout will make your body feel special and increase your culinary confidence. 

OPTION 2) Mental Workout - This workout exercises the facets of your mind while exposing you to new perspectives. 

SPIRITUAL Workout - Coloring Party

Chef's Culture-Cookers Seminar || Improve your cooking skills and menu, plus learn from a seasoned teacher.

Your immediate takeaways: +Partake in healthy meals | + Socialize with great company | + Learn to cook international cuisine

  • Weekly [1st Saturdays]:   Read About Next Month's International Cuisine (Online)
  • Weekly [2nd Saturdays]:  Attend Monthly International Dinner (@ Our Facility)
  • Weekly [3rd Saturdays]:  Receive and Cook International Recipes (@ Your Home)
  • Weekly [4th Saturdays]:  Post Your Meal Photos and Feedback (Online)

Culture-Cookers is an interactive seminar taught by Executive Chef Will Robinson. It includes a wholesome dinner (one meat,
​two sides [veggie & carb], a beverage, and a dessert. This seminar is for adults seeking social interaction and cooking skills.

Necessary Resources:  Food ingredients, computer (or mobile device), internet access, and camera

To get started with CLUB: Wish LOVE Well, scroll down to review your workout options.
Then, complete the short form below with your membership type  and preferred workout

SPIRITUAL Workout - Vision Boards
MENTAL Membership Type

Wish LOVE Well club membership types and costs are below:

1-STAR Membership >> Each member pays one month at a time >> $32.99 

2-STAR Membership  >>  Each member pays three months in advance >> $84.99

3-STAR Membership  >>  Each member pays six months in advance >> $148.99


To participate as non-members, each guest pass is available for $14.99 to $19.99 per activity. 

​​​​​​​​OPTION 1) Spiritual Workout - This workout exercises the depths of your heart and soul. 

PHYSICAL Membership Type

​​​"I Have a Vision" Board Workshops || Improve your walk in life by mapping out your journey visually. 

Your immediate takeaways: + Creative and clear view of goals | + Motivated accountability

~ + ~

A vision board is an inspirational collage of cutout pictures and words, which represent your life's vision ​and dreams in a real, tangible way. A vision board helps you to focus on what is truly important -- the WORD, life applications, and interests. The creation of a compelling vision board is a gradual and creative process, so here's how we do it . . .

  • Week 1: Meet coach and friendsStart vision board together (in-person)
  • Week 2: Log into our group siteReceive new ideas and ask questions (online)
  • Week 3: Log into our group siteShare progress and ideas (online)
  • Week 4Regroup with the team > Fine-tune and present vision board(in-person)

Coach Pam encourages the participation of adult students, because we could all benefit from more motivation, interaction, and focus on the future. We provide the supplies for your vision board during the first session. If you have favorite magazines, bring them to cut out inspiring pictures. Light refreshments are available at our in-person sessions.

Necessary Resources:  Cardboard, glue, decoration, markers, scissors, stencils, magazines, computer (or mobile device),
​internet access, and camera