UTOPIA is a life-consulting corporation with a conscience that serves the "fruit" necessary to feed your appetite to be better.  Our objectives are to (a) Enhance your lifestyle and wellness; (b) Share information to aid your growth; and (c) Network with like-minded individuals. We offer resources and solutions for life's stressful moments, like buying or selling a home. 

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Editor-in-Chief: Pamela D.R. Smith​, The A.G.E.N.T.

The REIGNbow Renewed Worship Center exists for anyone seeking love, support, or salvation in a non-judgmental setting. We eagerly interact with multicultural people, to gain learning opportunities and to teach about GOD. Our style of ecumenical worship and praise comes from a place of natural curiosity and expression. 

When We Live  

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What We Live

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My name is Mrs. Pamela D.R. Smith aka PDSMITH007: The A.G.E.N.T. I am an agent of change, real estate, and insurance. It's a pleasure to find and share valuable information to positively impact your life. My licensing, training, and experience is your resource. I commit myself to your increased EDUCATION, WELLNESS, and INSPIRATION. It's all about improving life in our communities.

How We Live  

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It's ReNEWed is an assurance of life agency that frees up clients' thinking about today and tomorrow. We consult individuals and groups, to understand their needs and identify growth opportunities. We offer insurance and marketing consultations, plus group coaching activities. 

Ultimately, we educate clients about wellness, wealth, and what-ifs. 


Live Life Better!  |  Volume 1 + Issue 1  |  Autumn 2018

Why We Live

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