Live Life Better Together!  |  Volume 2 + Issue 3  |  Summer 2019 | P.D.R. Smith​, Editor-in-Chief

Where We Live 

by PDSMITH007: The A.G.E.N.T.

My name is Pamela D. Smith and I'm known as PDSMITH007: The A.G.E.N.T. Why? I am an agent of positive change, property, and pay protection. It's my pleasure to share valuable information to impact your life. My messages focus on how to ideally buy, rent, sell and/or invest in NJ property. It's my job to also educate you about real estate trends.

​​+|The  A SSIGNMENT  |+

Why We Live

by REIGNbow ReNEWed

What We Live

by Live 2 Learn UTOPIA


The REIGNbow Renewed Worship Center exists for anyone seeking love, support, or salvation in a non-judgmental setting. We eagerly interact with multicultural people, to gain learning opportunities and to teach about GOD. Our style of ecumenical worship and praise comes from a place of natural curiosity and expression. 

Our Sponsor

When We Live  

by The Snyder Academy


How We Live  

by It's ReNEWed!

Retail Therapy 4 U is an online shopping venue to buy budget-friendly items to could enhance your lifestyle and help the community. We typically feature apparel, decor, fragrant oils, and stationery.

The Snyder Academy of Elizabethtown is a vibrant center for the arts, history, education, economic development and social advancement in historic midtown Elizabeth, NJ. With a truly unique mix of historic treasures and state of the art facilities, it promises to be a catalyst for community. The campus consists of an astonishing constellation of resources and facilities. We'll feature beneficial information that the residents, businesses, and organizations of Elizabeth and Union County NJ can leverage for growth and improvement.

UTOPIA is a life-consulting corporation with a conscience that designs and develops brands, goods, and services for the community. Our goals are to (a) Enhance lifestyles and wellness; (b) Share information to aid growth; and (c) Network with like-minded individuals. We share down-to-earth perspectives about life and the factors that affect our communities.

It's ReNEWed is your assurance of life agency that frees your mind about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We consult individuals and organizations, to understand their growth needs and opportunities. With our articles, we educate about the wealth and what-ifs of life. Our goal is to help you understand how money really works for you.