Our professional skill-set as an Assurance of Life Agents is your resource for a better life. One way to become a Client or Colleague is to meet with us, so you can:


  • Get your financial house in order | Begin investing in your kids' education
  • Protect .your credit and identity | Obtain .budget-friendly insurance solutions
  • Start saving for the golden years | Avert .life's drama with pre-paid legal support
  • Join a lucrative business opportunity | Find  or sell a home to call your own

Its a privilege to teach you what we know about creating the legacy for your family.


We also work with local entrepreneurs, to promote their businesses on our Community-Based Network. and through networking events. Let us help you, Let's meet soon!

​​​STEP 1: Answer these questions below >>

  • What is the organization name and email address?  (Name:* and Email:*)
  • How many active and inactive members are there?  (Message:*)
  • What membership problem do you want to solve?  (Message:*)

Upon receipt of your responses, we will email you within two days for next steps.

I f you'd like to work in a group setting on life enhancements, CLUB: Wish LOVE Well 
is your solution. This club offers activities to enhance the mind, body, and soul.
You have
​3 membership choices:

1-STAR  =  One-month membership

2-STAR  =  Three-month membership

3-STAR  =  Six-month membership

As a member, you develop productive relationships with your group. Let us work you out physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When you become a Colleague, we offer non-profit and small-business organizations a consulting service called ReNEW  by U, to help create and revitalize awareness. Our mission is to increase your membership and activity participation.

  • If you're inside NJ,  we'll visit your facility to fully assess your organization. 
  • If you're outside NJ,  we'll make special arrangements for full assessments. 

ReNEW by U  identifies growth opportunities; offers viable recommendations; and creates low-to-no cost resources and tools for organizational leaders and members.  Here's how you start:


Need A  New Space or Place?

Come for a . . .

​​STEP 2: Review and select your package >>

  • The BASIC  Package ($) includes an in-person assessment and generic-branded . . .   

Getting 2 Know You Template (blank) | Guestbook with Pens| Fundraiser Ideas Sheet | Informational Handout (blank template)

Social Media Tips Sheet | Tip Sheet for Ushers/Welcome Officers| Thinking About You Greeting Cards| Welcome Sign & Courtesy Cards

 The  BASIC  Package also includes a consultation call to address next steps.

  • The DELUXE  Package ($$)  includes an in-person assessment and personalized . . .

Exterior & Interior Facility Recommendations | Getting 2 Know You Template (branded) | Guestbook with Pens | Client-Specific Fundraiser Ideas Sheet
Handout Template (branded) | Custom Thinking About You Note Cards| Social Media Tips Sheet

Ushers/Welcome Officers Ideas Sheet| Welcome Sign & Courtesy Cards

The DELUXE  Package also includes an in-person, consultation meeting with senior leaders for in-depth discussion about next steps.

  • The PREMIUM  Package ($$$) includes an in-person assessment and personalized . . .

Exterior & Interior Facility RecommendationsGuestbook with Pens| Client-Specific Fundraiser Ideas Sheet | Printed Informational Handouts (branded)
Printed Getting 2 Know You Handouts (branded) | Printed Ushers/Welcome Officers Ideas Sheet | Custom Thinking About You Note Cards

Social Media Tips Sheet  | Welcome Sign & Courtesy Cards

The  PREMIUM  Package also includes an in-person, consultation with Sr. Leaders & Committee Leaders, to address next steps and questions.

 STEP 3:  Await the Next Steps Email from Our Team.


When you become a Client, we offer you a Group Coaching Club.

CLIENTS' Service

  22 But the fruit of the Spirit is lovejoypeacepatience,  kindness,  goodness,  faithfulness, 23 gentleness​, and self-control; against such things there is no law (Gal. 5: 22-23).

It's ReNEWed  with  UTOPIA  offers These Services for . . .