STEP 2B:  Respond to these questions:

You can email your responses to or CLICK.

  1. What type of communication do you need?
  2. What is the communication goal?
  3. How will the communication be used?
  4. What is the communication tone? 
    Casual or professional?

  5. Who will receive the communication?
  6. What do you want them (the recipient) to think and do?
  7. What are the main message points for
    ​the communication?

  8. What is the desired quantity of your
    ​new communication?

Or for more information, contact Pamela at
​(888) 338-7426.

When you become a Colleague, we offer a Marketing Communications service that includes graphic design and writingWe have assisted small business owners and organizations to promote products, services, and events. Here is one way to work with us:

STEP 1: Determine what you need . . .

  • Business Cards (2" x 3.5"):  Printed in color on card stock paper, with a glossy or matte finish.
  • Brochures (8.5" x 11"):Printed on 2-sides in color on text paper, with glossy finish.
  • Fliers (8.5" x 11"): Produced on 1-side in color or B & W on text paper.
  • Invitations  (up to 5" x 7" [folded] or 6" x 9" [flat]): Printed in color on card stock,
    with or without glossy finish.

  • Letters (8.5" x 11" or  8.5" x 14"): Created as a 1- or 2-sided document. Letters can be created
    with a B&W letterhead design. Or, letters can be formatted to fit pre-printed letterhead.

  • Note- or Postcards (4" x 6" or 8.5" x 5.5"):Printed on 2-sides in full color on card stock, with
    ​a glossy finish.​

  • Print Ads  (Various Sizes):  Created for publications.
  • Online Messaging:  Developed for emails and social media posts.​

STEP 2: Review the questions on the right . . .

STEP 3: Send your responses to or click.

  • Check your email within 48 hours for your cost and timing estimate.

Our prices are affordable and our talent is superior. Your first order includes the cost of writing, design, and printing. Exact reprint orders include printing cost. Shipping and handling costs plus tax (for NJ clients) will be added to all orders.

P.S. If you're a non-profit organization, ReNEW by U is another way to work with us.

When you become a Client, we offer you a Group Coaching,
​so carefully review the details and let's connect about your preferences.

CLIENTS' Service

One way to become our client or colleague is to meet with me. I (Pamela) can:

Help YOU  get your house in order financially.

Teach YOU  to set up and operate a lucrative business.

My financial skill-set as a Representative  for Primerica is your 

resource for a better life. Simply contact me for an appointment . . .

Phone: (888) 338-7426| Email:

Facebook: Mrs Pamela DR Smith, Primerica Representative

I look forward to hearing from and helping you. Let's meet soon!

I f you'd like to work in a group setting on life enhancements, CLUB: Wish LOVE Well 
is your solution. This club offers activities to enhance the mind, body, and soul.
You have
​3 membership choices:

  • 1-STAR  =  One-month membership
  • 2-STAR  =  Three-month membership
  • 3-STAR  =  Six-month membership

As a member, you develop productive relationships with your group. Let us work you out physically, mentally, and spiritually.



It's ReNEWed  with  UTOPIA  offers These Services for . . .