When referrals become our clients, we'll reward YOU! 

  • BRONZE Winners earn a $10 gift card for each consumer referral, whenever we set, conduct, and close a bronze-level* appointment.
  • SILVER Winners earn a $15 gift card for each consumer referral. Whenever we set, conduct, ​and close a silver-level+​ appointment, the reward ​is yours!
  • GOLD Winners earn a $20 gift card for every business referral. You win whenever we set, conduct, and close a gold-level^ appointment.​
  • PLATINUM Winners could earn more for each referral. When you get licensed, you refer clients; and we'll set, conduct, and close platinum-​level` appointments. ​

STEP 1:  Fill Out the Referrals 4 Rewards  Registration Form . . . 

​​Name: Type Your First and Last Name


Email:  Type Your Email Address
                     (Double-check your entry for accuracy)


Subject:  Type "Referral Rewards" 


Message:  Type this statement...
"I have [insert quantity]  referrals."

 STEP 2:  Look out for your confirmation email within 1 to 2 days

 It'll include your referrer ID number.

 STEP 3:  Spread the good news about It's ReNEWed  with loved ones!

 Conversations, social media posts, and/or emails work very well.

Referrals 4 Rewards - Registration Form

  • ​​Needs to make additional income?
  • Works to Care for Kids or Grandkids?
  • Seeks to Plant, Mend, or Uproot Property?
  • Turns 65 Years Old This Year? Or, are 65+?

​Your participation helps propel our mission. Start Today!



*Bronze-Level = Consumer referral purchases one service.

+ Silver-Level = Consumer referral purchases 1 or more services.

^Gold-Level = Business referral purchases 1 or more services.

`Platinum-Level = Consumer or business referral joins our team.


As agents of property, protection, and positive change, we make it our business to understand community needs. Our communication, listening, and negotiation skills help us offer clients these personalized services...

Assessing needs and recommendations for health and income protection.

Researching, locating, and marketing New Jersey property

Engaging and advocating for positive change in NJ communities.

Our humble request for every client is to tell their loved ones about these superior services. When clients refer us, they win in more ways than one: (1) They receive gift cards; (2) They help a friend to thrive; and (3) They strengthen connections. So, Who Do You Know That...